2018 is bringing changes

I haven’t blogged in over a year!  It’s going to start happening again but as I get started with learning all the new ins and outs it might not be as pretty as I want it to be.  I do however want to share my recent work with you!  So, I’m working on it.  Already over 30 weddings on the calendar this year and starting booking for 2019!!  This is all so exciting, I appreciate every one of you, whether you’ve allowed me to capture your family for the last 18 years or are just looking around at photographers and stumbled upon my page.  As the second month of the year is already here and already in full swing (usually photographers get a break from January through March), I am loving every minute!

Kelsey and Joel’s Wedding

Okay, not only are these two the cutest couple, they went out for pictures in the snow!  It was seriously freezing out there, even though pretty much every finger and toe was frozen, Kelsey had no complaints about going outside. Kelsey and Joel basically grew up together, in the same neighborhood, same school and same church.  Admittedly, Joel always had a bit of a crush, can you blame him, Kelsey is stunning!  Growing up in Chicago, they both ended up attending Calvin college where they started dating… the rest is history… and this is the beginning.

On a side note, Kelsey and her dad put together a choreographed dance that started up during the Father/ Daughter dance!  No one knew except the DJ  and us, the reactions were priceless!