Katie and Andy’s Wedding

This was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and Katie and Andy were wonderful to work with.

The details of this day were so incredibly fun!  Take a close look at her bouquet and his boutonniere , it’s comic books!  Even her shoes were made with comic books.

Pellerito-3 Pellerito-14 Pellerito-40 Pellerito-82 Pellerito-96 Pellerito-112 Pellerito-213 Pellerito-225 Pellerito-249 Pellerito-257 Pellerito-274 Pellerito-281 Pellerito-309 Pellerito-315 Pellerito-339 Pellerito-350 Pellerito-358 Pellerito-384 Pellerito-391

Nick and Janelle’s Engagement Session

What a blast!  I had so much fun with these two.  They live on an apple orchard, so of course that is where the engagement session was.

Janelle had so many awesome ideas and Nick was on board for all of them.  I can’t wait for the wedding!!

IMG_8553 IMG_8556 IMG_8570 IMG_8619 IMG_8652 IMG_8688 IMG_8762 IMG_8785 IMG_8981 IMG_9053 IMG_9113 IMG_9248 IMG_9268 IMG_9307 IMG_9441